• Chemical fertilizers are provided to the plant too quickly. What the plant does not use is absorbed by the soil causing secondary effects to the soil then to the plant. For instance fertilizer burn due to dehydratation.

• Chemical fertilizers do not contain any trace minerals/micro nutrients. After a few years the soil has been depleted from those elements. Overtime those elements are not contained in the fruits or in the vegetables anymore diminishing their quality.
• Chemical fertilizers are used together with chemical pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Use of chemicals have a negative impact on the soil, the water as well as the crop as the vegetables, for instance, still contain chemical traces which are then absorbed upon eating
• Chemical fertilizers kill microorganisms which in turn will make the soil useless where nothing can grow
• Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are responsible for water contamination. For excessive enrichment of ponds, rivers and lakes is due to an overuse of chemical fertilizers (see eutrophy)
• Usage of chemical fertilizers have a long term effect on the plants, the soil, the environment and you.

Making chemical fertilizers

Organic fertilizers work with the environment, provide adequate nutrients, give back to the soil what the plant has taken. Organic fertilizers contain micro nutrients and organic matter which provide food to micro organisms. It also airs your soil and retains humidity.