Third Pary Products

Fish Amino Acid

Fish Amino Acid is a liquid made from fish of great value to the plant and to the microorganisms. It also contains plenty of nutrients. To be applied to the soil, mixed with water.

Liquid Vermi Compost

Vermi Compost is a liquid made from the absorption of organic matter by a worm resulting in ready to use organic fertilizer. High nutrients content, but less microbial activities than compost. To be mixed with water. Can be applied to the soil or directly to the plant.

Wood Vinegar

Wood vinegar has the following broad benefits:

  • Improvement of soil quality
  • Elimination of pests
  • Plant growth control; being able to accelerate the development of roots, stems, tubers, leaves, flowers, and fruit. Additionally, the product can help boost crop defenses against disease. Can be applied to the soil or to the plant.