Organic fertilizer is an essential component to maintaining soil fertility and sustainability. Our portfolio offers a wide variety of products suited for all kind of purposes. Natural Agriculture products are used to provide nutrients to a variety of plants, field crops, vegetables, fruit trees or ornamental garden. All of our products can be used for Organic growing and by products are sourced from organic sources only.

  1. Jack Fertilizer – all around fertilizer
  2. Leung Fertilizer – A great soil amendment – very high Organic Matter – made out primarily of aged wood chips
  3. Soil Mix – A mix suited for seedlings and potting. Light structure with basic nutrients for a good start
  4. Farm Mix – Highly recommended for soil in poor conditions. Will bring fertility and soil structure back in no time. A mix of Jack Fertilizer and charcoal
  5. R Mix – Very light mix. Developed for hemp plants. Nutrients to be added following the plant cycle
  6. Fly manure – High Nitrogen fertilizer, high Organic Matter. A lot of micro-organisms and bio-stimulants. To be used particularly during the plant vegetative cycle.

Bio fertilizers in cultivation contribute to safeguarding the soil whilst bringing necessary macro and micro nutrients to the plant, microorganisms, humic and fulvic acids, and bio stimulants. It improves greatly the soil structure, retaining air and water. Through a sequestration process, compost is known to absorb CO2 in large quantities, thus contributing to a decrease of CO2 in the atmosphere.

With the rainy season approaching this is the right time to apply fertilizer to your garden, prepare your beds, plant new trees, enrich your soil.

Want to be part of the solution, go green, use organic intrants. Our produce has been specifically designed for that purpose.

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  • We are maintaining the same price for 2021 as last year
  • We keep on producing high quality products – analysis available
  • Jack, Theow and Leung fertilizer are certified by IFOAM
  • Potting compost is made with soil coming from our farm
  • Prices 2013 valid until June 2014
  • We have a distributor in Hang Dong – pick up or home delivery
  • Organic fertilizer and potting compost available in 3 kilo bag for home use
  • Come and visit Uraiwan farm; organic veggies and fruits available throughout the year; certified by IFOAM