Synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers alike are all harmful and threatening to your health. Why should you apply any or excessive quantities of those products on your field, on your lawn or on any recreational areas? Why should you, as a farmer, breathe chemicals and bring chemicals on your shoes back home?

Synthetic chemical fertilizers are not all absorbed by the soil or by the plant. Part will remain with the fruits or the vegetables.
Those chemical elements are then absorbed by the human body that can’t reject them. Unfortunately the over usage of chemicals is often linked to an over usage of chemical pesticides, hence doubling or tripling the negative effects in the human body.

Whether for your soil, your safety of for the environment, chemical fertilizers should be used with great care and should never be used without the provision of compost or organic fertilizer.

Natural Agriculture Co. Ltd provides you with organic products only made from green wastages produced by Mother Nature. No additives, no accelerators.

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