Organic Matter (OM) plays a major role in the soil structure, the living micro organisms and supporting all plant nutrition in the soil.

Organic Matter is made of all 16 macro and micro nutrients. OM is contained in the soil or in compost. These nutrients are what are needed to grow any plants, trees, vegetables or crops. Hence the importance of OM in the soil. If the soil does not contain enough organic matter to ensure smooth growing, it is necessary to compensate. This is done by adding fertilizers, usually chemical fertilizers. A soil which has been regularly enriched with organic fertilizer or compost only needs minimum contribution.

The levels of OM in compost show the quality of the compost. Our organic fertilizer contains more than 25% of OM made from 100% natural resources and the best decomposition process (Time). Beside its high OM content, our organic fertilizers have all of the plant nutrients. Our standard excess twice the minimum level set by the Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Thailand.

Organic matter

Levels of OM need to be checked at least once every 5 years. Deficiencies must be compensated using only organic materials. Chemicals do not compensate for the lack of OM, but accelerate its decrease.