Jack Compost

A natural fertilizer, made out of teak wood, forest by-products, pork, cow and chicken manure, rice straw, wastages of food processing, wastages of our own farm. Does not contain corn.

Rich in fiber and micro organisms, JACK compost can be used for any purposes and is an excellent soil amendment as well. The physical structure of the product will contribute to higher soil humidity and additional oxygen thus enabling microorganisms to develop better and transform the high Organic Matter into soil humus. Contains Calcium, Magnesium and other trace elements.

Standard Analysis
Nitrogen 1.3%
Phosphate 2%
Potassium 1.3%
p/H 7.0
C/N 15/1
OM 30%
guaranteed with a minimum 4% N,P,K
lab analysis available on request

Lawn Fertilizer

Jack fertilizer, sieved at 5mm, less than 1% of foreign matters, packing at 32.5% humidity.

Rich of all nutrients and microorganisms the lawn fertilizer is particularly well suited for lawn or even greens. Its fine structure ensures a quick absorbability in the soil.

Fly Manure Fertilizer (Frass)

High Nitrogen fertilizer, high Organic Matter. High content of beneficial micro-organisms and bio-stimulants. High humic acid. Frass brings multiple benefits to the plant both in terms of plant physiology and fertilization.

To be used particularly during the plant vegetative cycle.