Direct home delivery

We do deliver our products directly to your home in the Province of Chiang Mai. Transport to the City of Chiang Mai and its surrounding cost THB 1,800 for a truck and THB 1,200 for a pick up. Transport is charged separately from the product.

Green wastage collection

For our customers only, we take back green wastages up to the vehicle load, at the time of delivery. We charge a flat fee of THB 1,000 per truck and THB 500 for a pick up.


At the time of delivery we provide labor for work in the garden related to natural fertilizers such as spraying compost on the ground. The cost is THB 100 per hour per person.


We can also arrange for the truck delivery of soil and other 3rd party product such as dolomite.

Natural Agriculture - Organic Compost Home delivery

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