Natural Agriculture Co. Ltd (NAC) was registered in Chiang Mai in August 26th 2009 with a fully paid-in equity of 5mio THB. It’s a privately owned company with a Thai majority of 65%, Swiss shareholders owning the balance.

NAC is primarily active in the manufacturing of organic compost and organic fertilizer and operates with SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT principles. NAC established its manufacturing facilities in T. Mae Ho Phra to work closely with the Forest Industry Organization (F.I.O.) to reuse forest by-products coming from the teak logging process. As such NAC supports the prevention of forest fires in winter, a major environmental disaster in Northern Thailand.

We manufacture and sell primarily compost and fertilizers adapted to all kind of soils and crops.

Our customers are farmers (organic and non-organic), cooperatives, professional gardeners, municipalities, hotels and resorts, and private home owners.

Natural Agriculture Chiang Mai, Thailand

Our products are available directly from us.

For more information, visit our Product pages or call us at:

  • 08 1024 0052 (English)
  • 08 7026 8860 (Thai)
  • 08 9264 9922 (Factory-Thai only)